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Maria Plate  

Exhibiting the finest in Southwest Native American pottery, we feature the work of Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

We consider our gallery to be an "educational retail experience" where our expert staff, with many years of museum service, is dedicated to making your visit most informative.

Let our pottery speak to you of the beauty and magic of the Southwest.

Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
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22nd Birthday Sale!

(04/20/2015) New Arrivals this Week!

Maria Martinez, Charles Navasie, Laura Bugarini, Hector Gallegos, Robert Tenorio, Rondina Huma, Rachel Aragon, Sammy Naranjo, Stella Chavarria, Denise Chavarria, Hector Javier Martinez Mendez, Thomas Tenorio, Franklin Tenorio, Caroline Elliot, Jean Sahmie, Melony Gutierrez, Verda Toledo, Marvin Moquino, Sharon Lewis, Kathy Sanchez, Diane Lewis, Blanca Quezada, Rachel Concho and more!

New to the website from 04/20/2015
More than 50 pieces!

New to the website from 04/01/2015
More than 140 pieces!

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