Exhibiting the finest in Southwest Native American pottery, we feature the work of Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

We consider our gallery to be an "educational retail experience" where our expert staff, with many years of museum service, is dedicated to making your visit most informative.

Let our pottery speak to you of the beauty and magic of the Southwest.

Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
100 West San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501


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New to the website from 12/06/2019
More than 130 pieces!
New to the website from 12/01/2019
More than 200 pieces!
New to the website last month
More than 320 pieces!
Pueblo Dynasties Exhibit
Now open at the Crocker Art Museum
Sacramento, CA
(12/06/2019) New Arrivals this Week!

Anderson Jamie Peynetsa, Sammy Naranjo, Adrian Corona, Rainy Naha, Nyla Sahmie, Anderson Peynetsa, Toni Roller, Reynaldo Quezada, Sandra Victorino, Martin Olivas, Thomas Tenorio, Adam and Santana Martinez, Humberto Guillen Rodriguez, Robert Kasero Sr., Loretta Navasie, Debra Duwyenie, Franklin Tenorio, Cletus Victorino, Carlos Sunrise Dunlap, Marvin and Frances Martinez, Marianne Navasie, Jesus Olivas, Sandra Delgado, Blanca Arras, Karina Mora, Ana Trillo, Emiliano Rodriguez, Karla Flores, David Bejarano, Rose Gonzales, Blue Corn, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Judy Toya, Marvin Lee Martinez, Eric Fender, Linda Askan, Gerardo Ledezma Veloz, Paul Speckled Rock, Helen Gutierrez, Gwen Tafoya, Red Starr, Diane Lucero, Darlene Nampeyo, Leticia Ledezma, Brenda Tafoya, Alex Ortega and Vivi Silveira, Yoly Ledezma, Jorge Corona, Jackie Shutiva, Annie Baca and more!

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