Zuni Teaching Tree

Disclaimer: This "family tree" is a best effort on our part to determine who the potters are in this group and arrange them in a generational order. The pottery tradition at Zuni almost died out until Daisy Hooee (granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano, Hopi-Tewa) took on the job of teaching pottery at Zuni High School in 1960. This diagram is subject to change should we get better info.

  • Daisy Hooee Nampeyo taught 1960-1974
    • Josephine Nahohai
      • Irene Nahohai
      • Milford Nahohai
      • Randy Nahohai & Rowena Him Nahohai
        • Jaycee Nahohai
      • Priscilla Tsethlikai
  • Jennie Laate taught 1974-1990
    • Carlos Laate
    • Gabriel Paloma
    • Agnes Peynetsa
    • Anderson Peynetsa & Avelia Peynetsa
      • Anderson Jamie Peynetsa
    • Priscilla Peynetsa & Daryl Westika
      • Gaylon Westika
  • Noreen Simplicio - learned from Jennie Laate, taught 1990-1992
  • Gabriel Paloma - learned from Jennie Laate, took over class from Noreen Simplicio in 1992

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