Louise Amos

Zuni rosettes and geometric design on a polychrome jar

Louise Amos was born into Acoma Pueblo in November 1946. Her parents were Lorenzo and Frances Abeita, her grandmother Dolores Stein. Her sister, Jennie Laate, learned to make pottery by watching and working with their grandmother and their mother as she was growing up. But Louise was 13 years younger. She learned from her mother and sister.

Jennie married Neil Laate and moved to his home at Zuni. There she got to work with Daisy Hooee, a Hopi potter from the Nampeyo family who'd also married into Zuni and moved there.

As a teenager, Louise spent significant time in her sister's home at Zuni. She learned a lot about how to paint Zuni designs. Then she returned to Acoma and married (some of her pieces are signed: Louise Willey).

Louise signed some of her pieces "Zuni Pueblo New Mexico Louise Amos" and other of her pieces "Acoma Pueblo New Mexico Louise Amos." She uses a mix of Zuni and Acoma designs but she uses Acoma clays. Louise also painted a significant amount of greenware.

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