Joy Navasie aka 2nd Frogwoman

Sikyatki-style jar by Joy Navasie aka second frogwoman

The daughter of Paqua Naha, Joy Navasie was born in 1919. She learned the basics of the traditional Hopi-Tewa way of making pottery at her mother's side. Joy was most active as a potter from about 1935 to 1995. Like her mother, Joy signed most of her pots with the frog hallmark, except she drew webbed toes on her frogs while her mother drew short, straight toes.

Joy's work was mostly done using black and red on white. Paqua had developed the style in the early 1950's and Joy continued it. The Navasie and Naha families have specialized in white ware ever since. Hopi potters consider the making of white ware to be the most difficult pottery to make. The fire has to be very hot and the pots need more and better protection from smoke and smudging.

Joy made many different types of pottery, from jars, wedding vases and bowls to lidded sugar jars, creamers, bird effigies, and lamp bases. Her decorations were inspired by Sikyátki designs with clouds, rain, feathers and parrots among her favorites.

She passed on the family white ware tradition to her children: Leona Navasie, Marianne Navasie, Maynard Navasie, Natelle Lee, Grace Lomahquahu and Loretta Navasie Koshiway. She also taught her grandson, Charles Navasie. Joy passed in 2012.

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