Grace Medicine Flower

Santa Clara
Sienna spots and sgraffito yei and geometric design on a black jar

In 1938 Grace Medicine Flower was born to Agapita and Camilio Tafoya at Santa Clara Pueblo. She grew up in the company of some of the most famous and accomplished Puebloan potters on Earth, including her aunt Margaret Tafoya.

After graduating from high school and working as a secretary for a while, Grace began working with clay and was producing pottery for the marketplace by the early 1960's. She and her brother, Joseph Lonewolf, began using the sgraffito technique to etch the surfaces of their pottery vessels in the late 1960's. Grace says it really opened her eyes when she sold her first piece of sgraffito pottery for $11, significantly more than any of her other traditional pieces.

These days she only produces a dozen or so pieces per year and most disappear into private collections before they get to the market.

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