Diane Lewis

Plate by Diane Lewis

Born in 1959 into Acoma Pueblo's Yellow Corn Clan, Diane Lewis-Garcia was given the Keres name Tsi-Ku-rai-tsa, meaning "Morning Dew." She has been an active potter since the mid-1980's after learning from her mother, Katherine Lewis.

Katherine was the matriarch of one of the two non-related Lewis families at Acoma Pueblo - the Lucy Lewis family has been more well known. However, the children of Katherine Lewis (Marilyn Ray, Rebecca Lucario, Carolyn Concho, Diane Lewis and Judy Lewis) are making some of the most innovative traditional and contemporary pottery being produced at Acoma. Each member of the family has carved out their own particular niche and Diane usually designs using a Mimbres Revival style (from the Mimbres civilization in south-central New Mexico: 950 – 1150 AD) and creating traditional polychrome jars, bowls, seed pots, pitchers and miniatures.

Her work is famous for the detail and the beautiful home-made organic and mineral colors. Her favorite design subjects are animals, lizards, insects, fish, Kokopelli, rain, lightning and clouds.

Diane has won numerous awards for her pieces at the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Show in Phoenix. She signs her work: "D. Lewis-Garcia, Acoma", and adds a fish hallmark.

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